Achieve Your Goals With Less Stress

When we are growing in a new direction and stepping out of our comfort zones, we know the importance of mindset– because that’s when all our stuff comes up. Reiki Home Clearings assist in staying focused, feeling positive, and motivated while you are steadily improving your life.

The 30-Day Intensives and The Membership Programs offer unique ways to clear negative thinking and remove the obstacles in your way.

The 30-Day Intensives

You know things need to be done differently this year, but you’re feeling stuck and not knowing which direction to go. What’s getting in the way of what you want? The 30-Day Intensives root out the underlying issues that are holding you back. Download 30 hours of Reiki for an intensive energetic cleanse. No more messing around– it’s time for real change.

Monthly Reiki Subscriptions

Normally you’re very motivated, but lately you’ve been feeling tired, impatient, and exhausted. Life keeps getting in the way of your goals. Distance Reiki Subscriptions clear the build up of ongoing stress. This is an easy way to maintain your energetic hygiene on weekly or monthly basis. Keep clear, focused, and in touch with your natural rhythms. Make changes with ease and grace.

About Caroline

Learn more about the woman behind Reiki Home Clearings. A Reiki Master and natural intuitive, Caroline shares her story about how these programs developed during her own healing journey.