Intuitives Living in a Busy World

Your natural sensitivities to other people is a gift. Reiki Home Clearings are here to help you recharge, create healthy boundaries, and hone your intuitive abilities. Let go of negativity and refocus on you.

The 30-Day Intensives and The Membership Programs offer unique ways to focus on yourself and heal with Reiki energy.

The 30-Day Intensives

You know things need to be done differently, but the same issue keeps resurfacing. The 30-Day Intensives remove the root causes that are holding you back. Download 30 hours of Reiki to untangle deeper issues. No more messing around– it’s time for real change.

Monthly Reiki Subscriptions

Empaths struggle with daily interactions. We feel everything like it’s own and that can sap our resources and attract the wrong people. Keep clear, centered, and in touch with your natural rhythms. Maintain your energetic hygiene with Distance Reiki.

About Caroline

Learn more about the woman behind Reiki Home Clearings. A Reiki Master and natural intuitive, Caroline shares her story about how these programs developed during her own healing journey.