30-Day Reiki Intensives

Clear the path to your desire by untangling the issue

The key to our desires is a mix of focus and letting go. But how do we relax and let go when the same issue is aggravating us over and over?

Think of a fallen tree that is blocking a river. Imagine our negative belief systems are the fallen tree. As our frustrations build, our negative thinking accumulates like debris around the tree and the water overflows. Remove the tree and the river can resume its proper flow. We know our energy is stuck, because it feels terrible! There is no flow. Our belief systems, our fears, and our patterns– it’s all just energy. And you know what? All energy can be moved.

The 30-Day Reiki Intensives clears stuck energy, so you can see real change. Download 30 hours of Reiki to remove the layers of energy and make room for positive changes. This is an intensive program, because we’re removing deeper layers. You’ll feel more expansive, clear, and change will happen. There are 4 options to choose between: Money, Love, Anxiety, or Sleep.

After downloading the program, know that you have this as a tool for whenever you need it. Remember: these specific topics are often connected to other areas of our lives. Don’t be surprised if different parts of your life open up and feel easier too!

Option 1: Money

Reduce the stress, fear, and mental blocks around what is really holding us back around the topic of work, money, and wealth.

Targets: stress shopping, monthly bills, overwhelming debt, fear, confusion, doubt, family karma, and limiting beliefs about our worth.

Benefits: clear thinking, clear plans, new opportunities, new ideas, meeting the right people, feeling lighter, making healthy choices, a sense of ease, joy, increased income, and more money!

$249 for permanent access, downloadable content

Option 2: Love

Relax the tension and pain, heal the hurt and anger, clear the misunderstandings, and remove any unwanted cords and karma.

Targets: anger, frustration, tension, times of transition, karma, trauma, PTSD, breaking negative cycles, cord cutting, miscommunications, current and past hurts.

Benefits: clears the home/work environment, opens communication, neutralizes the tension, offers insight and clarity, compassion, and understanding.

$249 for permanent access, downloadable content

Option 3: Anxiety

Balance the mental and emotional energy, relax the nervous system, reset the digestive system, while allowing you to find your center.

Targets: mental loops, negative thinking, burnout, emotional exhaustion, panic attacks, fear, trauma, and anger.

Benefits: Strengthening confidence, letting go of control, opening up to ease, being present in the body, easing digestion, relaxing the nervous system, feeling calm, and energized.

$249 for permanent access, downloadable content

Option 4: Sleep

Reduce nightmares and hot flashes, racing thoughts, and insomnia by allowing the mind and emotions to soften before bed.

Targets: overactive mind, mental loops, negative or fearful thinking, PTSD, nightmares, insomnia, waking up throughout the night, trouble falling asleep, and fear of the dark.

Benefits: falling asleep easier, staying asleep longer, deep rest, developing healthy sleep habits, feel recharged when you wake.

$249 for permanent access, downloadable content

How It Works

Step 1: Choose your topic: Love, Money, Anxiety, or Sleep.

*Note: If you feel called to one program, but feel like you “should” should choose another? Pick the one you feel called towards. It will often clear a pathway in other parts of your life too.

Step 2: Purchase the program. You will create an account to login and your 30-Day Intensive will appear on your menu to download the program. Whenever you login, you have permanent access to these files.

Step 3: Download the files. Click to download the zip file. You can download your 30-Day Intensive on as many devices as you would like. After you unzip the download, each Distance Reiki track is in mp3 format. These will play anywhere that you would normally listen to music.

Step 4: Play the recordings. One per day, whenever or wherever you like. Each recording contains 60 minutes of Reiki.

NOTES: Each mp3 is numbered Day 1-30. The recordings transmit an hour of Reiki that targets various aspects of your healing. When you press play, you will feel a flood of warm energy flow around you and into the space. Your animals may want to cuddle up and join you. They will benefit too! Note: with the exception of a brief intro and closing, the recordings are silent.

Deeper issues covered by each program:

Issues of family lineage
Fear of success
Fear of failure
Fear of change
Guilt, shame

Home/apartment/place of residence
Past lives

30-Day Reiki Intensives are an opportunity to clear out underlying baggage that holds us back from living our dreams.

I’m ready, let’s get started

Reiki feels good! And when you’re feeling good? Things start to open up and shift in a way that is often better than we imagine.