Mindset is everything. Reiki Home Clearings help you stay clear and focused, so you can reach your goals with less stress

How do the Reiki Home Clearings work? The 30-Day Intensives use a Reiki technique called “distance” or “remote” healings. While I may be geographically far away, I connect with your energy field. You may have experienced something similar: have you ever thought about someone and you look down to see them calling you? You are connecting with another person in a similar way. When I connect, I am looking for areas to “untangle” in your energy field. This makes things feel easier, opens you up for opportunities and new ideas, and generally allows you to “unhook” from the emotional charge of the situation.

Is Distance Reiki effective? Distance Reiki is very effective. I work faster and each session has a unique influx of information that flows through. While laying on the table is always deeply relaxing for the body, there are infinite reasons why Distance Reiki offerings are the way to go: scheduling conflicts, demands on your time, social distancing, cold and flu symptoms, mobility issues, and geographical distance. You will feel centered and calm. Those who are sensitive will feel the flow of Reiki.

What are the 30-Day Intensives?

The 30-Day Intensives are designed to unravel an “energetic knot” that has been causing your trouble for a long time. Larger issues often have more layers, because of the amount of time we have spent feeling frustrated, angry, or seeing the same unchanging patterns repeat themselves. This program is captured on audio tracks (mp3s). Similar to how sound or music is recorded, you can play these recordings over 30 days to shift the stuff bound around the issue as well as the root cause of the problem. When you download the 30-Days Intensives program, those tracks are yours to listen to as needed.

What if I fall asleep during a session? That is perfectly normal! Sometimes during deeper sessions, the mind wants to rest. The Reiki sessions will continue to work while you sleep. You can play the recordings or receive distance Reiki during any activity. If you want to stay present/mindful during sessions, I recommend sitting in seated meditation or doing gentle movement. If driving, please use caution!

Do I have to be in the room while the 30-Day Intensive recordings are playing? No. If you have set the intention to receive the Reiki, it will work. You can test it out by sitting quietly in meditation to see what you feel.

What should I experience? Everyone experiences Reiki differently. During a session, some people feel the energy moving throughout the body, see colors or images, experience memories or emotions, or drift into a dreamlike state. After receiving Reiki, our mind is moving slower and we have more mental space. This can allow us to experience an “ah-ha” moment or see situations clearly. Some people feel relaxed and energized. Things may feel easier. We may feel tired and need extra rest. If our mind has been dealing with excessive stress and worry (or if we’ve been been overstimulating ourselves with caffeine), we may experience how “drained” we actually are. If there is a lot of dense energy processing, your body may need extra water, nutrients, gentle exercise, or rest. There is no good/bad, right/wrong way here. Every session will feel different.

I don’t hear any sound on the 30-Day Intensives recordings! What’s going on? With the exception of a short intro and closing, the audio recordings are silent. You can put on your own music or enjoy the quiet as you shift into a relaxed state.

Can I use the 30-Day Intensives for someone else? Yes! To run the program for another person, set the intention that each recording is going to that specific person. Please ask permission from the other person before running the 30-Day Intensives. You can’t force healing on another person; it must be their choice. However, we ask that you do not share, sell, or make the recordings available for public use.

How will I know if this is working? The first sign is that you will feel really relaxed and really good overall! You may be enjoying life a little more. You may notice less stress, worry, doubt, or confusion. You may stop thinking about a sore subject altogether. You may notice your habits change easily. You may start cleaning, rearranging things, or throwing out clutter. New people and ideas may pop in. When you start moving things energetically, you make more room for all kinds of change. Some things in our life will open up and release quickly, while other subjects have more “layers” and may take longer to clear. Everything can be healed–usually in a way that’s even better than we could imagine! Reiki is known for its ease and balance. If you’re feeling easy and more balanced, that’s a signal that this program is working.

Can I get a refund for the 30-Day Intensives purchase? Unfortunately, no. There are no refunds. Once you have the digital download, you will always have access to that product. If you have issues downloading the 30-Day Intensives, please reach out via the contact form.

Meet Caroline Ruderman, the woman behind Reiki Home Clearings