“I feel more motivated to take on this mess.” – Kitty Bauer

“I felt like my tiny condo was very cluttered, and I was having a hard time relaxing after work. Now, my condo feels like it has more emotional space. I have plans to expand new space in the attic. My friends notice that I am calmer and more at peace. The Reiki Home Clearing has been wonderful. Thank you Caroline.” – Irena Romanova

“After a breakup, Caroline did a Reiki Home Clearing 30 Day Intensive for Love. The clearing inspired me to clean my house and give away bags of clothes. I definitely felt a positive shift particularly around boundaries between my previous partner and myself.” – Hannah Jacobson-Hardy

“Caroline, I can’t thank you enough! I notice a big difference in how peaceful it feels here now. I didn’t really how busy it felt before. The energy definitely shifted.” – Vanessa Mathieu

“After the Reiki Home Clearing 30 Day Intensive for Love, I felt that the walls were more ‘quiet.’ I did feel lighter, more at peace. Our family experienced better communication, and it felt good to see the lit house in the dark while arriving at home on those winter nights.” – Alex Pazmandy

“My wife and I set the intention in our lives to embrace creativity in its fullest. Since the Reiki Home Clearing it feels like our home has fully supported this. My band has been practicing here and we’ve had the most creative playing in the last few weeks, drastically different than the months leading up to it!” – Chris O’Connell

“I do feel good energy here in our home. I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had the time to stop and reflect – but I was just realizing that I do feel a general sense of lightness and joy being in my home. So – thank you for your part in helping with that!” – Fritha Pengelly

“My son was experiencing roommate angst before I started the Reiki Home Clearing series on his house.  I asked him how things were going yesterday and things have improved. He has moved into the home and feels like it is a good place for him and his roommates.  Their relationships are in a good place now.” – Liza Pulsifer